Did you see extra money in your paycheck this week? That’s because state employees like you came together as AFSCME Local 4041 to fight for and win longevity pay and retention bonuses!
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Organizing a union means talking to your coworkers about coming together to build power. Building power makes our union stronger and better able to deliver improvements to our working conditions.

When the snow comes in, Nevada Highway Maintenance Workers have been ready for days. Keeping the state moving smoothly during inclement weather is a source of pride for Highway Maintenance Workers, especially in the winter months in northern Nevada. “It’s all hands on deck and we make it a priority,” says Maurice S., a Highway Maintenance Worker in Reno, NV.

February 4th kicks off the 80th Nevada Legislative Session and this session could bring life-changing collective bargaining legislation for all Nevada state employees.

With a pro-worker Governor and Legislature, we will most definitely see legislation introduced that will bring collective bargaining to Nevada state employees. But the difference between that legislation passing and failing will be the voices of state employees like you.

On January 16th, our new Governor Steve Sisolak gave his first State of the State address, laying out his vision for Nevada’s future.  In his remarks, he shared his appreciation for the

AFSCME Local 4041 leaders across Nevada came together this weekend in Las Vegas to chart a course to secure collective bargaining rights - the power to negotiate wages, benefits and conditions of employment with our employer. Acquiring these collective bargaining rights will give us greater ability to advocate for our communities, our families, and our jobs. 

Election Day was a historic day on the road to better state services and jobs.  

Pro-worker candidate Steve Sisolak was elected Governor and pro-worker majorities were elected to both the State Senate and the State Assembly. Our endorsed candidate, Jackie Rosen, was voted into the US Senate and Catherine Byrnes, a proud AFSCME Local 4041 member, has become State Controller. Our union AFSCME played a critical part in electing them.  


Las Vegas — The following statement is from Harry Schiffman, President of AFSCME Local 4041, the Nevada state employees union. 

Yesterday was an important day for Nevada state employees.

AFSCME members know that if you want to get something done, it takes action. Throughout the state of Nevada, Correctional Officers from AFSCME Local 4041 have been active in addressing the issues within the Department of Corrections by holding Meet and Confers with department directors and wardens to improve the working conditions of all DOC employees. 

Dozens of AFSCME Local 4041 members from Department of Child and Family Services (DCFS), Local 4041 Retirees, and Retiree Subchapter 153 came together last week to encourage state employees to vote this election.